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1. Lacking in variety, especially of species or genes: depauperate island faunas; a genetically depauperate population.
2. Arrested in growth or development; stunted.

[Middle English depauperat, from Medieval Latin dēpauperātus, past participle of dēpauperāre, to make poor : Latin dē-, de- + pauper, poor; see pauper.]

de·pau′pe·ra′tion (-pə-rā′shən) n.
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archaic poor; impoverished
vb (tr)
formal to make poor, in wealth or quality
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(dɪˈpɔ pər ɪt)

Biol. underdeveloped due to impoverishment.
[1425–75; late Middle English < Medieval Latin dēpauperātus, past participle of dēpauperāre to impoverish]
de•pau`per•a′tion, n.
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The western North American freshwater fish fauna is depauperate, mostly relicts, with endemic faunas and monotypic genera (Miller 1958).
Analysis of nitrite reductases (nirK and nirS) genes and cultivation reveal a depauperate community of denitrifying bacteria in the Black Sea suboxic zone.
Chorus frog.--The extant amphibian fauna on the NCI is depauperate (Schoenherr et al.
Lack of follow-up management and poor establishment of seeded species likely led to the current, depauperate community.
These carabid beetle assemblages were generally characterized by depauperate fauna, with only two to three species numerically dominating each habitat.
1992]) tends to be more faunistically depauperate because of the poorer soils in this forest type (Sim et al.
Thus, many questions regarding oyster metapopulation dynamics remain, particularly with respect to relative retention, connectivity, and repopulation of depauperate habitats.
In summary, lungs of Texas alligators are depauperate in species richness (similar to alligator populations from Louisiana and Florida) whereas the stomach and intestines are parasitized by a diversity of endoparasites.
2005); either Indiana is depauperate in relation to Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan or there has been inadequate study of spider diversity within the state (383 spider species known from Indiana in comparison to 646, 571, 479, and 563 from Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan, respectively).
Also, the diversity indices indicate that all populations are exhibiting high levels of diversity and that the AP population is not currently showing signs of being genetically depauperate.