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Trustworthy. See Synonyms at reliable.

de·pend′a·bil′i·ty, de·pend′a·ble·ness n.
de·pend′a·bly adv.
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Adv.1.dependably - in a faithful mannerdependably - in a faithful manner; "it always came on, faithfully, like the radio"
undependably, unfaithfully, unreliably - in an unfaithful undependable unreliable manner
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They always believed it when the message from State Department Personnel was passed down saying, "Come quickly, we have an assignment for you we think you're going to like." Of course, just as dependably, they'd find Personnel had something in mind along the lines of, "You take this post in Chad for now and we'll make sure you get something good later." And after three years in Chad, sure enough, those same guys were on the boat to Burma.
Spathiphyllums remain one of the few house plants that bloom dependably. Some commercial growers say that "Tasson' blooms more readily.
SO, on the basis of their "public consultation" exercise whose reliability - if the series of manipulated, distorted or deliberately ignored consultations on the demolition of the Central Library are anything to go by - can be dependably regarded as deeply suspect to say the least, Calderdale Council has arbitrarily decided to impose 20mph limits all over Calderdale's residential areas.
If you remember a round-topped, multi-stemmed shrub that every spring dependably covered every branch with white flowers for three weeks or more, you remember Van Houtte Spirea.
Characterization is agreeably nuanced, but both the dependably first-rate Marull ("Take My Eyes") and Ulloa struggle to galvanize the spiritual side of their characters and bring their romance alive.
Distribution wasn't as good as it's been recently but was dependably solid at back
In 2008 - a scarier year than most - that never-failing timbre seemed to ring out all the more dependably. Kwmbayah and Gabriel's Message, for instance, were made for this Choir.
Meanwhile, Paco is offered the j ob of kidnapping butcher Aramis (the dependably excellent Maria Rosa Sarda) for an insurance scam.
I would like to think that we keep important secrets and that we can be dependably discreet.