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I am still doubtful at times as to marrying; if the old man would die I might not hesitate, but a state of dependance on the caprice of Sir Reginald will not suit the freedom of my spirit; and if I resolve to wait for that event, I shall have excuse enough at present in having been scarcely ten months a widow.
To be sure I wishes that parson Supple had but a little more spirit, to tell the squire of his wickedness in endeavouring to force his daughter contrary to her liking; but then his whole dependance is on the squire; and so the poor gentleman, though he is a very religious good sort of man, and talks of the badness of such doings behind the squire's back, yet he dares not say his soul is his own to his face.
Avant le debut du mois de Ramadan, nombreux sont les accros au tabac (cigarette -- chicha -- pipe ...), qui desirent reellement mettre un terme a leur dependance au tabac, car ils sont conscients que c'est une habitude nuisible pour leur sante.
Look at the agricultural sector, we are back to farming again after several years of neglect and dependance on crude oil.
Les reformes economiques avancent pour amorcer l'ere des exportations en rupture totale avec la dependance petroliere aux lourdes consequences sur l'avenir et la souverainete nationale.
The drug causes dependance when abused, and its addiction can lead to social and lifestyle issues.
The sooner individuals as societies move towards making their dependance on fossil derivatives a thing of the past, the faster will the turnaround of the planet's health become a certainty.
Ben Hughes, director of capital projects at Deloitte Middle East, discussed the importance of reducing the dependance on oil and diversifying to other avenues, at the Leaders in Construction UAE Summit 2016.