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Adj.1.depictive - depicted in a recognizable manner
representational - (used especially of art) depicting objects, figures,or scenes as seen; "representational art"; "representational images"
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The glimpses are often enhanced by marvelously depictive archival plates and they are so tastefully offered (in the manner of eighteenth-century public address) that they alone make the book a recommended read.
Playwright Jose Cruz Gonzalez's Harvest Moon presents a picture of migrant farm workers' lives in the most literal sense possible during each performance of the play, now having world premiere at Seattle's Group Theatre through May 8, the family centered story of campesinos in California's central valley is played on stage while simultaneously, a depictive mural is "painted" scene by scene, giving new meaning to the notion of dramatic vision
Van Gogh could not have been Vincent through grisaille or silverpoint, or the textual crayoned geometries of Seurat: he reinvented the reed pen, and the lines refer as much to him as to forces in nature--they are realized energies rather than outlines, emotive rather than depictive. "Could I, in Paris, have done the drawing of the boats in an hour ...
While we toe the line of critical collaboration with his presumptive regime, we perceive this confidence-building effort by President Duterte to be brimming with hope, his adroit demonstration of diplomacy quite astounding, it being depictive of inroads for lasting solutions to roots of half a century of armed conflict, with ramifications leading in all probability to enduring peace, it added.
In the latter, Lonberg-Holm subordinates depictive clarity to a quasi-abstract investigation of line and form, a tendency also evident in the deadpan Photograph of Antenna, ca.
"The Housatonic at Stockbridge," inspired by a honeymoon stroll down the Housatonic River, is pleasant but a bit misty, depictive and yet experimental.
The graph <[??]> is thus seen as fundamentally depictive ("pictographic," if one likes) in its more basic incarnations <[??]>, with the <[??]> type representing "a shift from depictive glyph to ideo-associative character" [??].
Schnotz's (2002) integrative model of text (descriptive representation) and picture (depictive representation) comprehension emphasizes that good graphic design is crucial for individuals with low prior knowledge who need pictorial support in constructing mental models.
The possibilities of depicting non-existents, depicting non-particulars and depictive misrepresentation are frequently cited as grounds for denying the platitude that depiction is mediated by resemblance.
One particularly remarkable example of the depictive element in Zelenka's music is Psalm 129 In convertendo ZWV 91; here the text on conversion (of godless people and enemies of the Lord), inspires the composer to write canons in inversion, i.e.
In order to show that Larson's analysis of the DOC is problematic, we consider the representation of depictive predicates.