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1. Worthy of severe condemnation or reproach: a deplorable act of violence.
2. Lamentable; woeful: My finances were in a deplorable state of neglect.
3. Wretched; bad: deplorable housing conditions in the inner city.

de·plor′a·ble·ness, de·plor′a·bil′i·ty n.
de·plor′a·bly adv.
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Speaking does not relieve the trauma of Caleb's life but works "only by a desire to divert [his] mind from the deplorableness of [his] situation" (3).
Partly for these reasons, Caleb had portrayed himself from the start as someone who could provide a reliable, impartial version of events: "I am incited to the penning of these memoirs, only by a desire to divert my mind from the deplorableness of my situation, and a faint idea that posterity may by their means be induced to render me a justice which my contemporaries refuse" (3).