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Noun1.depolarisation - a loss of polarity or polarization
change - the result of alteration or modification; "there were marked changes in the lining of the lungs"; "there had been no change in the mountains"
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A senior lawyer believes that credibility deficit and depolarisation was the biggest challenge faced by the incumbent judiciary.
He further said that while conducting ECG, the machine analyses both depolarisation and repolarisation flow of 12 different ways which are examined closely by an expert.
This process, known as spreading depolarisation or spreading depression, is marked by hyperactivity in the neurons, followed by a sudden silence.
Yew, "Optimal time selection for the polarisation and depolarisation current measurement for power transformer insulation diagnosis," in Proceedings of the IEEE Power Engineering Society General Meeting (PES '07), pp.
Psaki said the US condemns all violence and calls on all parties to exercise restraint, move towards an inclusive political process, and focus on depolarisation. She said the US is monitoring the level of violence in the country and that the violence is concerning.
Grayanotoxin is a neurotoxin that binds to the sodium channels in the cell membrane, maintaining them in an open state and prolonging depolarisation.
In this paper, we aim to investigate the variation in the structure and domain texture of 0.93 [Bi.sub.0.5][Na.sub.0.5]Ti[O.sub.3]-0.07BaTi[O.sub.3] (x = 0.07, abbreviated as BNTBT7 hereafter) ceramic under the electrical field and with increasing temperature via in situ neutron diffraction technique in order to understand the relationship between the structural change under the applied electric field and the depolarisation behaviour at elevated temperature.
Obrenovitch, "Direct, live imaging of cortical spreading depression and anoxic depolarisation using a fluorescent, voltage-sensitive dye," Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, vol.
The archaeal digoxin produces sodium potassium ATPase inhibition, a paroxysmal depolarisation shift in the neuronal membrane and generates an electromagnetic field of 10-7 Hz oscillation.