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tr.v. de·pol·lut·ed, de·pol·lut·ing, de·pol·lutes
To remove the pollution from: depollute a river.
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But scientists have been innovating to find a solution, identifying ingredients that depollute and detoxify as they make their way down our drains.
Klorane has released a new antipollution shampoo and conditioner, featuring aquatic mint, was first discovered by a French professor, working with the brand to depollute rivers that had been contaminated with heavy metals.
ZAHLE, Lebanon: Nearly a year since the World Bank signed off on a $55 million loan for projects to reduce pollution in West Bekaa's Qaraoun Lake and upper Litani River, bureaucratic and infrastructural deficiencies are stalling efforts to depollute the site.
THE Supreme Court on Friday slammed the National Highway Authority of India ( NHAI) for the delay in constructing the Eastern and Western Peripheral Expressway around Delhi, planned to decongest and depollute the roads in the Capital.
New Delhi: The Narendra Modi Government's ambitious poll promise to depollute river Ganga came under severe scrutiny on Wednesday in the Supreme Court which said it seems that steps taken so far will not lead to cleaning of the country's river even after 200 years.
The pair have been in talks with Devonport dockyard, which could depollute the ship.
I was invited to swap my four-wheeled transport for the four-legged variety as part of a campaign called Depollute Your Commute, which calls on Brummies to use environmentally-friendly modes of transport.
He also spoke about the Horizon 2020 initiative, under which Euro-Mediterranean governments have undertaken to depollute the Mediterranean Sea by 2020.
It starts innocently enough with the patenting of a new machine that extracts oxygen from the air, cleans, depollutes and depollenizes it, then stores if for future use.