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tr.v. de·pol·lut·ed, de·pol·lut·ing, de·pol·lutes
To remove the pollution from: depollute a river.
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As part of the EU's contribution to the "Investments for Pollution Reduction" component of the Horizon 2020 Initiative, aiming at depolluting the Mediterranean Sea by the year 2020 through environmental investments, capacity building, monitoring, and research, the Mediterranean Hotspot Investment Programme (MeHSIP) was set up.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Water Filter Cum Purifier Depolluting Equipment Aquagard Classic.
Also on the agenda: Lafarge Research Scientist Matthieu Horgnies, An Innovative Depolluting Concrete Doped with Activated Carbon to Enhance Air Quality; Walter P.
1995), an insulin delivery problem (Trajanoski andWach, 1998), a multivariable chemical reactor (Yu and Gomm, 2003), traffic control on freeways (Parisini and Sacone, 2001), and a biological depolluting treatment of wastewater (Vila and Wagner, 2003).
Although EU researchers have focused on the development of these types of materials for outdoor applications, future work is planned to determine whether these products can also be used as depolluting building materials and coatings in indoor environments (PICADA 2005).
We invested in two depollution units and have been routinely been depolluting cars for six months now.