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adj. Grammar
Being a verb of active meaning but passive or middle form, as certain Latin and Greek verbs.
1. Grammar A deponent verb.
2. Law One who gives testimony by affidavit or deposition.

[Middle English, from Late Latin (verbum) dēpōnēns, (verbum) dēpōnent-, deponent (verb), present participle of Latin dēpōnere, to put down; see depone.]


(Grammar) grammar (of a verb, esp in Latin) having the inflectional endings of a passive verb but the meaning of an active verb
1. (Grammar) grammar a deponent verb
2. (Law) law
a. a person who makes an affidavit
b. a person, esp a witness, who makes a deposition
[C16: from Latin dēpōnēns putting aside, putting down, from dēpōnere to put down, depone]


(dɪˈpoʊ nənt)

1. (of a verb in Latin or Greek) appearing only in the passive or Greek middle-voice forms, but with active meaning.
2. a person who gives evidence.
3. a deponent verb.
[1520–30; < Latin dēpōnent-, s. of dēpōnēns, present participle of dēpōnere. See depone, -ent]
affidavit, deponent - An affidavit (literally, "he has stated on oath") is taken by a judge, while the deponent swears, makes, or takes an affidavit.
See also related terms for judge.
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Noun1.deponent - a person who testifies or gives a deposition
witness, witnesser, informant - someone who sees an event and reports what happened


Law. One who testifies, especially in court:


n (Ling) → Deponens nt; (Jur) → vereidigter Zeuge
adj deponent verbDeponens nt
References in classic literature ?
Well, you know I couldn't get along very well without it, darling," responded Dan who, since New Year's, had adopted a new method of dealing with Felicity--whether by way of keeping his resolution or because he had discovered that it annoyed Felicity far more than angry retorts, deponent sayeth not.
Dolly in the meanwhile, whose gay heart and head ran upon other matters, passed out at the garden door, and glancing back now and then (but of course not wondering whether Joe saw her), tripped away by a path across the fields with which she was well acquainted, to discharge her mission at the Warren; and this deponent hath been informed and verily believes, that you might have seen many less pleasant objects than the cherry-coloured mantle and ribbons, as they went fluttering along the green meadows in the bright light of the day, like giddy things as they were.
In the taking of legal oaths, for instance, deponents seem to enjoy themselves mightily when they come to several good words in succession, for the expression of one idea; as, that they utterly detest, abominate, and abjure, or so forth; and the old anathemas were made relishing on the same principle.
The deponent explained that the 'offence committed' by the persons named cost his boss the merit of his petition at the Election Petition Tribunal challenging Saraki's election.
The entire top management has now changed and the reintroduction of Mr Mbugua into the management of the applicant would interfere with the 'philosophy and ethos of management' that the deponent is seeking to inculcate in the applicant,' Mikosz said.
They cover the big picture, taking a deposition, preparing the deponent, representing the deponent, problem witnesses and problem attorneys, expert depositions, uses of depositions, miscellaneous deposition issues, and deposition rules and procedures.
Two chapters are devoted to affixes, twelve chapters present special topics like mythology, and eleven chapters featuring grammar-related derivatives like prepositions and deponent verb derivatives.
Endometriosis appears in the metaphorical form--it is an excruciating pain, as if a sink plunger was attached to the vagina and sucked with all that pressure the uterus, the ovaries towards it (P3); The pain is as if you were pouring a lemon juice into a giant blooded wound, you can just imagine that burning sensation of some bruise and multiply that feeling by a million (P *--this deponent is known by this account and, therefore, it is not possible to identify it by its Arabic numerals); The belly is an open flesh, an open wound, a pain that the deponent feels the need to cry just by remembering it (P16)--and in its scientific form, with the language of books and papers, using terms such as "videolaparoscopy" (P11); Gestinol[R] (P17); Dyspareunia (P13) etc.
At Atkinson-Baker, the standard legal videographer package includes: One set of master tapes for archive and duplication; mics on deponent, taking attorney and opposing counsel; additional lighting; backdrops to meet code requirements; notarized affidavit for tapes; and being on site in advance of scheduled start time.
The two asserted their constitutional right to face their accuser and said they would be denied the opportunity 'to timely object to [the] manner of questions asked of the deponent [while in Indonesia].
Thus among the middles in OCS we find such deponent verbs as e.
Under the federal and state rules, deposition testimony can be used for a variety of purposes, including evidentiary support for motions, impeaching, or contradicting witnesses at hearings or trial, and it can be read into evidence before the jury when the deponent is not available.