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Noun1.deposit box - a fireproof metal strongbox (usually in a bank) for storing valuablesdeposit box - a fireproof metal strongbox (usually in a bank) for storing valuables
deedbox, strongbox - a strongly made box for holding money or valuables; can be locked
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Well, it isn't locked up in a safe deposit box, of that I'm sure," laughed the professor.
I'll make it explicit enough, confound him," father declared, and departed for the bank to get the stock in question from his safe- deposit box.
About half of safe deposit box holders mistakenly think financial institutions or the government will reimburse them if their boxes are damaged, according to a poll by SurveyUSA.
CHAOTIC scenes met detectives as they entered the vault of a deposit box rm in Hatton Garden after a "sophisticated raid", Scotland Yard said.
Mr Bean also said his goods in the deposit box were not insured, adding: "That's the problem.
AUSTIN, Texas, March 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Caringo today announced that Data Deposit Box, a cloud backup and recovery provider that focuses on business protection for SMBs, has implemented a Caringo Swarm(TM) based object storage infrastructure to provide the capacity needed to fully service its rapidly increasing customer base.
Of those surveyed, 72 percent said that they would store gold in a bank deposit box, followed by a safe in their own home.
The pieces include standard safe deposit box contents such as collectable coins, silver, gold, jewelry and watches to some Beatles trading cards.
The safety deposit box room at the former Birmingham Municipal Bank on Broad Street
If you have a small amount of undeclared money, the smartest thing you can do is withdraw it in cash and put it into a safe deposit box," the banker said.
Based in Deighton Mills, Leeds Road, it is acknowledged as a local specialist and offers a warm, personal welcome to all customers whether they are renting a large unit or just a small safe deposit box.
Milton Woolf and Jacqueline Swan funded wealthy lifestyles by allowing organised crime gangs and murderers to store guns, gold bars and millions of pounds in illicit cash at their safe deposit box centres.