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Mr Crawley returned home and while serving in HMS Elfin, Blyth's depot ship, he met his future wife, Freda, whom he married in 1945.
HMS Hermes was a protected cruiser built in the late 19th century and converted into an aircraft ferry and depot ship ready for the start of the First World War.
HMS Maidstone, depot ship of the Third Submarine Squadron, based on the Clyde, arrived on Merseyside for an informal visit, above, right.
According to the Chinese navy, another two warships are expected to reach the area on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning, respectively, and a depot ship has been ordered to prepare for moving into the Gulf of Thailand to replenish the searching vessels.
Recounting his experience, James said: "I was stationed at our naval base in Malta when we received news of a signifi-cant earthquake on an island off Greece and we were sent to Kefalonia on a submarine depot ship to aid the sufferers.
HMS A7, which had a crew of 11, was carrying out simulated torpedo attacks against her Depot Ship HMS Onyx and the maintenance tender HMS Pygmy in Whitsand Bay to the west of Plymouth.
His date of enrolment was April 2, 1915 and he spent his first four months on HMS Gibraltar, which was a depot ship.
The ship has been moored in Belfast since 1924 and as well as providing a home for reservists served as a depot ship during the Second World War.
The Academy would be supported by a Base Depot Ship (INS Zamorin), Base Hospital (INHS Navjeevani) and a Station Health Organisation.
Betty met her husband, George, on a submarine depot ship when he told her off for whistling on board.