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Morally corrupt; perverted.

de·prav′ed·ly (-prā′vĭd-lē, -prāvd′lē) adv.


in a depraved manner
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(50) In Payne, the court noted that "depraved indifference murder may not be properly charged in the overwhelming majority of homicides that are prosecuted in New York." (51) Additionally, the court stated that there were two "species" of depraved indifference murders, namely, actions that endanger the public at large, and actions directed at a single person but characterized by "uncommon brutality." (52) The court set forth the notion that one-on-one shootings, knifings, or similar killings almost never qualified as depraved indifference murder because shooting more rounds or stabbing a victim more times did not make the act "more depravedly indifferent, but more intentional." (53)
"My Last Duchess" (and "Porphyria's Lover," as well), deliberately and depravedly makes grotesque violence beautiful--its language colludes with its psychopathic narrator by creating a gorgeous, painted corpse, by aesthetically entering into a psychology that savors memorialization as a constant re-enactment of death's initial violence.