References in classic literature ?
I had hardly got it to my eye when someone touched me on the shoulder and said deprecatingly:
Marilla and Matthew looked at each other deprecatingly across the stove.
"Well, there wasn't anything else TO give him," said Captain Jim deprecatingly. "Nothing a dog'd care for, that is.
He curled his fair moustache, and looked deprecatingly at his companion.
Trent looked at him half scornfully, half deprecatingly.
Shaking his head deprecatingly, he moved back to the corner, pulled aside something in the wall, disclosed the mouth of a pipe which was a perfect novelty to me, and called down it.
The little man waved his hand deprecatingly. "We were your trustees," he said.
"I know, I know," said Lydgate, deprecatingly. "It was a fatal accident-- a dreadful stroke of calamity that bound me to you the more."
He waved his hand deprecatingly and muttered that it was nothing at all, what he had done, and that any fellow would have done it.
He glanced deprecatingly at the Coroner, who replied briskly:
Moss, deprecatingly; "I know there isn't a day-laborer works harder."
Agatha, witless and dumb, could only look down deprecatingly.