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Predator trapping for bobwhite is a unique case of predator removal because of the diverse predator community that depredate their nests with snakes contributing a significant portion (~29%; Staller et al.
There'll probably be a few things such as valuation of really old equipment where we just accept it's going to have to depredate out of the inventory and it's just not worth the time or the money.
However, once the catalyst of [Zn.sub.2]Sn[O.sub.4] was added, a rapid decrease of C/[C.sub.0] was observed, indicating that the prepared [Zn.sub.2]Sn[O.sub.4] samples are effective to depredate MO molecules.
We hope it will offer advances in wolf recovery in that wolves will not have to be translocated or removed if they depredate. The next steps for the Interdiction Fund will be to increase the funding available and assist the Stakeholder Interdiction Council in developing a long-term program that provides for the recovery of the Mexican wolf in the presence of livestock grazing.
This species could depredate not just the Fr, but also parents, so it is not considered a positive association.
Though there is an undeniable critique towards the Iranian government whose unjust laws allow children to depredate their own mother, it is also indisputable that ultimately Mahin Banu is not betrayed by the authorities but by her offspring, among whom there is her daughter.
Previous studies have suggested that some ant species may depredate Miami blue butterfly larvae or may opportunistically tend larvae without providing protection against predators or other benefits (Saarinen & Daniels 2006).
Certainly, the importation of Arabs into Sudan, is just yet another desperate attempt to depredate the country's complexion, and rob it-even more- of its African identity.
Such injuries indicate that other predators may also depredate eggs or developing embryos directly from the pouch (Curtis, 2004).
This difference appears on circuit breaker and can cause such amounts (2 to 3 time of nominal voltage value) that can depredate isolation of transformer, load and circuit breaker.
Kim can then proceed to depredate the property as residential real estate (27.5 year property).