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v. dep·re·dat·ed, dep·re·dat·ing, dep·re·dates
To ransack; plunder.
To engage in plundering.

[Late Latin dēpraedārī, dēpraedāt- : Latin dē-, de- + Latin praedārī, to plunder (from praeda, booty; see ghend- in Indo-European roots).]

dep′re·da′tor n.
de·pred′a·to′ry (dĭ-prĕd′ə-tôr′ē, dĕp′rĭ-də-) adj.


(tr) rare to plunder or destroy; pillage
[C17: from Late Latin dēpraedārī to ravage, from Latin de- + praeda booty; see prey]
ˈdepreˌdator n
depredatory adj


(ˈdɛp rɪˌdeɪt)

v. -dat•ed, -dat•ing. v.t.
1. to plunder or lay waste to; prey upon; pillage; ravage.
2. to plunder; pillage.
[1620–30; < Late Latin dēpraedātus, past participle of depraedārī to plunder = Latin dē- de- + praedārī to plunder (see predator)]
dep`re•da′tion, n.
dep′re•da`tor, n.
dep•re•da•to•ry (dɪˈprɛd əˌtɔr i, -ˌtoʊr i) adj.


Past participle: depredated
Gerund: depredating

I depredate
you depredate
he/she/it depredates
we depredate
you depredate
they depredate
I depredated
you depredated
he/she/it depredated
we depredated
you depredated
they depredated
Present Continuous
I am depredating
you are depredating
he/she/it is depredating
we are depredating
you are depredating
they are depredating
Present Perfect
I have depredated
you have depredated
he/she/it has depredated
we have depredated
you have depredated
they have depredated
Past Continuous
I was depredating
you were depredating
he/she/it was depredating
we were depredating
you were depredating
they were depredating
Past Perfect
I had depredated
you had depredated
he/she/it had depredated
we had depredated
you had depredated
they had depredated
I will depredate
you will depredate
he/she/it will depredate
we will depredate
you will depredate
they will depredate
Future Perfect
I will have depredated
you will have depredated
he/she/it will have depredated
we will have depredated
you will have depredated
they will have depredated
Future Continuous
I will be depredating
you will be depredating
he/she/it will be depredating
we will be depredating
you will be depredating
they will be depredating
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been depredating
you have been depredating
he/she/it has been depredating
we have been depredating
you have been depredating
they have been depredating
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been depredating
you will have been depredating
he/she/it will have been depredating
we will have been depredating
you will have been depredating
they will have been depredating
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been depredating
you had been depredating
he/she/it had been depredating
we had been depredating
you had been depredating
they had been depredating
I would depredate
you would depredate
he/she/it would depredate
we would depredate
you would depredate
they would depredate
Past Conditional
I would have depredated
you would have depredated
he/she/it would have depredated
we would have depredated
you would have depredated
they would have depredated
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To rob of goods by force, especially in time of war:
Archaic: harrow, spoil.


vt (= plunder)plündern; (= vandalize)verwüsten
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In such a series of tyrannical rules, revolutionaries like Habib Jalib and Faiz Ahmed Faiz became the mouthpiece of the people who were depredated of their fundamental rights by successive dictatorial regimes.
Several radio-tracked individuals disappeared from the inhabited ponds and we found evidence that at least some of them were depredated. One radio-tracked water vole was killed by a mink and three were killed by a fox Vulpes vulpes, as their transmitters were found in dens of the predators.
Nests were considered depredated if all nest contents were removed and there was no sign or possibility of fledge or if we documented predation with video footage or eye-witnessing it.
Of the 24 failed nests, twelve were depredated by large-billed crows (Corvus macrorhynchos) based on peck marks on eggshells; four by wild boar (Sus scrofa) or badger (Meles meles) or Siberian weasel (Mustela sibirica), based on animal tracks found near the nest and/or in nest, and four probably failed due to raptors based on finding the framework of the eared pheasant near the nests.
To confirm that eagles depredated waterbirds in Boundary Bay, we examined prey remains at 4 channel markers used by eagles as hunting perches in Boundary Bay during our transect surveys.
Palm diaspores may represent a keystone food resource for frugivores during the periods of fruit shortage (Peres, 2000), and often are severely depredated by both bruchid beetles (Coleoptera: Bruchidae), and rodents, which are among the few animal groups capable of penetrating the endocarp (Henderson, 2002).
Unsuccessful were classified as abandoned or depredated. When a female attempted to re-nest after nest failure or establishment of a new nesting event; we considered it a separate nesting event and added it to the nest survival estimates.
KIs reveal that recreation spaces, such as sports courts, have become depredated and propitious for criminal activities, which deprives the population from leisure and hinders the fight against drugs.
Of 116 nests, 47 (40.5%) were not successful: of these, 44 (93.6%) were depredated, 1 (2.1%) was abandoned, and 2 (4.3%) were lost for other reasons.
Of the two nests with known cause of failure, one was abandoned (14-01) and one was depredated (14-02).
On 22nd january of this year a man was shot during a battle between a criminal group and the police in the neighborhood.By that time the station and at least 5 buses were depredated. Two television and a soda machine were broken and garbage cans were ripped out.
The Tablas Mountain nest was reused in 1959, but the egg was depredated (Harrison and Kiff 1977); thereafter, no active nests have been reported in 52 years.