depressed fracture

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Noun1.depressed fracture - fracture of the skull where the bone is pushed in
fracture, break - breaking of hard tissue such as bone; "it was a nasty fracture"; "the break seems to have been caused by a fall"
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The real injury was a depressed fracture of the skull, extending right up through the motor area.
Cole has been diagnosed with a depressed fracture of the tibia after aggravating the problem prior to Sunday's 1-0 home victory over Manchester United.
He was believed to have suffered a depressed fracture of the skull to the rear of his head.
Mr Brown, who later died in unrelated circumstances, was beaten so badly four bones in his face were broken, his eye was swollen shut, and he suffered a depressed fracture to his skull.
Skipper Rob Purdham, seasoned prop Karl Temata and lively half-back Luke Gale are also back after missing a big chunk of action but Quins lost promising full-back Ben Jones-Bishop in the win at Wigan with a depressed fracture of his skull.
He is now recovering at home from a complex depressed fracture that caused the skull to penetrate his brain, and required a week in the high dependency unit at Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool.
Dr Sharma said that if a golf stick is hit lightly, depressed fracture will not be inflicted.
A depressed fracture, as described to me by the surgeon, is like pressing your thumb into a ping-pong ball.
Sandaza suffered a shattered eye socket, depressed fracture, chipped jaw bone and a broken nose in the horrific collision which also left blood gushing from a gory wound on Hutchison's head.
I said I didn't want that doing and at that time, I still thought it was just a little depressed fracture.
In 2008 he returned and played in a protective mask just two weeks after surgery on a depressed fracture in his skull.
Shehzad's CAT scan shows a depressed fracture of the zygomatic arch of skull," a Pakistan Cricket Board release said.