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 (dē-prō′grăm′, -grəm)
tr.v. de·pro·grammed, de·pro·gram·ming, de·pro·grams or de·pro·gramed or de·pro·gram·ing
To counteract or try to counteract the effect of an indoctrination, especially a religious or cult indoctrination.

de·pro′gram′mer n.
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a person or thing that removes the effects of brainwashing or indoctrination
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* A desperate mother meets with a deprogrammer she hopes can rescue her runaway daughter from a cult in "On Clover Road," a thriller by Steven Dietz in its Chicago area premiere at American Blues Theater.
She proves plenty tough, though: the film turns into a battle of wills--and desires--between Ruth and her deprogrammer, PJ, and when the balance of power shifts, so, too, is gender inverted.
The effect of this skill was to send some close mourners off into faints and levels of grief that would challenge a cult deprogrammer to put right.
Comparing condylar positions achieved through bimanual manipulation to condylar positions achieved through masticatory muscle contraction against an anterior deprogrammer: a pilot study.Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, 94(4), 389-393.
V Ramachandran, "Plasticity changes in adult metabolic homeostasis and tissue oxidative stress: neonatal programming by corticosterone and melatonin as deprogrammer," Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine, vol.
Malgre donc tout l'arsenal juridique mis en place, le pays compte toujours des millions de fumeurs et dont certains ne tentent jamais de remettre en question leur decision de fumer.Il est vrai que la decision de fumer est personnelle et que pour cesser de fumer, il est aussi imperatif pour le fumeur de se deprogrammer.En consommant de la cigarette, le fumeur n'est pas seulement devenu [beaucoup moins que]accro[beaucoup plus grand que], c'est-a-dire dependant d'un point de vue physique, psychologique et comportemental, il a egalement developpe des facons de penser et pleins d'habitudes liees de plus en plus a la cigarette.
The ante- rior jig or deprogrammer was directly fabricated in the mouth using auto polymerizing acrylic resin.
de-mentor one who makes you dumber, an unteacher or deprogrammer or TV programmer; aka, dementor, one who dements, driving you stark naked mad without a hyphen to hide behind
A permissive occlusal splint fabricated in clear auto-polymerizing resin on the articulated casts was then given both as a definitive deprogrammer and also to assess the possibility of increasing the vertical dimension by 2mm if and when required, given her occlusal wear.
With the help of Sam Henry a deprogrammer with a slew of legal problems Larry and Jenny kidnap Josh and Bradley from the clutches of the Path and its leader Misha.