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A device for shifting gears on a bicycle by moving the chain between sprocket wheels of different sizes.

[French dérailleur, from dérailler, to derail; see derail.]
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(Mechanical Engineering) a mechanism for changing gear on bicycles, consisting of a device that lifts the driving chain from one sprocket wheel to another of different size
[French dérailleur derailer]
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(dɪˈreɪ lər)

a gear-shifting mechanism on a bicycle that shifts the drive chain from one sprocket wheel to another.
[1945–50; < French dérailleur literally, a device causing disengagement or derailing]
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[dəˈreɪljəʳ] n derailleur gears npl (Cycling) → deragliatore m
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Someone broke the derailleurs, braces, and stole pedals, TASR reported.
And so by virtue of my hobby, I have a decent grounding -- I can, for example, build and true wheels, measure and "break" a chain, pull cranks, and adjust brakes and derailleurs (though I've had to learn a lot to be able to do this well enough for paying customers).
I listen to the chain moving across the crank, derailleurs, and cogs; test the shifting of every gear; and listen intently for any sound from the bearings on the hubs and bottom bracket.
Obviously, AW is primarily in the business of selling bicycles, but it also sells accessories (such as bottles, bike racks, brakes, etc.), clothing (such as caps, gloves, jerseys, etc.), and components (such as brakes, chains, derailleurs, etc.).
Topics include preventative maintenance, flat repair, wheel bearings, cables and housing, handbrakes, chain and cogs, derailleurs, bottom brackets and wheel truing.
“Gates Carbon Drive simply makes sense on electric bikes because it provides a clean, grease-free and low-maintenance alternative to chains and derailleurs,” Scurlock said.
So he set out to bike up the hill, and remember, it was cobblestones back then, and one speed was it - no derailleurs. A crowd formed to watch, and Major Taylor went up - and down - twice in quick succession.
All early bicycles ran on a direct drive, first with the pedals cottered onto the front axle, then with a fixed gear spinning on the crank and rear hub; the Tour de France racers were stubborn to adopt the derailleurs that accommodate multiple gears.
Probably the most obvious change has been the introduction of gearing, both by means of hub gearing and derailleurs. The former were developed mainly in England and Germany, the latter in France and Italy.