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(diːˌriːəlaɪˈzeɪʃən) or


a symptom of various psychological and medical conditions, as well as a side-effect of certain treatments and drugs, whereby the world around one seems less realthe act of making something unreal


n. separación de la realidad, ausencia de realización de un mundo exterior antes reconocido.


n (psych) desrealización f
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Parallel to this somewhat derealised porcelain, Armen has created a universe of objects that are eerily organic.
17) The event, and thus also time, has been derealised and delocalised; the singularity of the here and now has been eroded.
20) In the context of an analysis of the way in which 'Frederic exists in a permanently derealised state which maintains the "real" Madame Arnoux as an image', Diana Knight has suggested that Frederic's 'total self-investment in an unknown image turns him into an artist' and, more specifically, that his tendency to hallucinate is both positive and creative (Flaubert's Characters (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1985), pp.