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(diːˌriːəlaɪˈzeɪʃən) or


a symptom of various psychological and medical conditions, as well as a side-effect of certain treatments and drugs, whereby the world around one seems less realthe act of making something unreal
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n. separación de la realidad, ausencia de realización de un mundo exterior antes reconocido.
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n (psych) desrealización f
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This has been attributed to the derealization of the corresponding oxidation and reduction potentials, which is induced by the NaCl crystals.
A person with PTSD might experience feelings of depersonalization (the feeling of being an outside observer of or detached from oneself and/or derealization (feelings of unreality, distance, or distortion.
Dissociation includes, according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, derealization, depersonalization and psychogenic amnesia (American Psychiatric Association n.p.), and it has been said to be a primary defense mechanism to cope with the physiological overload produced, for example, by a traumatic experience (Bloom 200).
(3) Derealization, with out-of-body experiences (63%), hyperphagia (66%), and hypersexuality (53%), are also found in patients with KLS.
Julia's resistance to embracing Quentin's standards of both female beauty and human performance thus force her to undergo what Judith Butler called a derealization, that is, a process by which one loses one's position as a valid person in the social imaginary yet remains nevertheless present as an embodied being.
As revealed by Paul (Sendhil Ramamurthy) in ( Season 1, episode 2 , one of the side effects of using Reverie 2.0 is called derealization.
But in our opinion, the best track on this five song digital release (the original version of "Di Na Muli" is here as well), is "Heartbeats." Written and originally recorded by Alessandra De Rossi from her album "Derealization," this song is re-recorded for the movie by Andrea Babierra and Jem Cubil.
She sees the world as she needs it to be and makes the real unreal, a regular derealization. A proper skill to have when born into a family cursed with hard realities.
Derealization, deepens into "experiences of unreality or detachment with respect to surroundings (e.g., individuals or objects are experienced as unreal, dreamlike, foggy, lifeless, or visually distorted)" (APA, 2013, p.
Associated symptoms can include feelings of depersonalization and derealization. The course of illness may be brief, recurrent, or persistent.