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(diːˌriːəlaɪˈzeɪʃən) or


a symptom of various psychological and medical conditions, as well as a side-effect of certain treatments and drugs, whereby the world around one seems less realthe act of making something unreal


n. separación de la realidad, ausencia de realización de un mundo exterior antes reconocido.


n (psych) desrealización f
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'Her Heart Beats Shame': Disposable and Derealized Bodies in The Magicians
If wars in the past had inspired poetry as sublime events, they now appeared as textual, derealized information.
For the reader, to be sure, Scalapino's radical way of conceptualizing autobiography as completely derealized; i.e.: severed from its conventionally conceived subject and form may indeed seem hermetic.
In this sense, "Troy, this fascinating and elusive unseen city of antiquity, is the city most entangled in personal repressions and the unconscious--the city most derealized by the neurotic subject who imagines it" (Bellamy 50, my italics).
In Hartmans account in 1977, which was part of a project he then called "psychoesthetics," the boy's compulsive touching constituted a form of "reality testing"--a way of recalling the substantiality of a world fatally derealized by the death of the young Wordsworth's mother (UnW, 22).
Two bodies seem to be embracing, but in a derealized fashion:
cit., p124; a 'derealized time' has the pits of differance removed, as it were.
The hermit's apparent belief in the reality he narrates--and the parallel it forms with the experiences of Edward, Tom, and Hendon--is an early example of a textual willingness to tolerate the possibility of a wholly derealized world bordering on solipsism, one that will eventually culminate in The Mysterious Stranger.
Vidler's identification of theuncanny as a "fundamental propensity of the familiar to turn on its owners, suddenly to become defamiliarized, derealized as if in a dream" (7) explains Delano's enchantment, a dissonance that arises from his eighteenth-century perspective in conflict with the world around him.
(39) Like the abstract category of man, semantike is concretized, while voice is derealized. To correct this, Cavarero shifts philosophical emphasis toward phone, refiguring it as the bodily basis of language.
Telotte argues that the Federal Network, the only manifestation of the Federation the audience actually witnesses other than brief appearances by Sky Marshals, is the incarnation of "a fascist spirit of control incubated in a derealized environment." (34) Like any government at war, the Federation suppresses dissent and removes the notion that the conflict is more complex than it seems.
In common with the poetician Gerard Genette, I conceive "fiction" here not as a strictly delimited genre defined by particular formal or stylistic qualities (although some, such as point of view, may be closely associated with it; see note 5 below), but as a moment that occurs when narrative discourse concerns itself with imaginary objects, however intertwined these may be with real-world referents that themselves become derealized in this context: "Est litterature de fiction celle qui s'impose essentiellement par le caractere imaginaire de ses objets [...].