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Government seeks to deregulate sugar imports !-- -- Mary Grace Padin (The Philippine Star) - January 17, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines The government is seeking to liberalize the importation of sugar to push down the price of the commodity and improve the competitiveness of the country's food export industry, the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) said yesterday.
According to him, the government should deregulate the sector and remove subsidy from petroleum importation.
It is worth mentioning here that in line with the policy of deregulation and liberalization, government is pursuing to deregulate the prices of petroleum products in phased manner.
And US auto makers are demanding that US President Donald Trump deregulate the auto industry by rolling back energy regulations.
More than a dozen bills this session take aim at various professions, from taxidermists to embalmers, as part of a continued push in Arizona to deregulate occupations.
The government is to deregulate prices of compressed natural gas (CNG) countrywide and in this connection a proposal has been sent to all stakeholders for their input, Secretary Ministry of Petroleum Arshad Mirza said to Kamal Hayder-Research Analyst-PAGE.
Former chancellor of the exchequer Lord Lawson of Blaby said he would back such a move by the Bishop as Government moves to deregulate Sunday trading needed to be discussed.
Results: ESE and APE significantly deregulate 207 and 211 genes correspondingly; 36 deregulated genes were common for both extracts.
The United Arab Emirates' move to deregulate fuel prices and rationalise subsidies will have a limited, one- off impact on inflation, a report by Standard Chartered has found.
Making the announcement, Al Mazroui said: "The decision to deregulate fuel prices has been taken, based on in-depth studies that fully demonstrate its long term economic, social and environmental impact.
Hesaid: "The decision to deregulate fuel prices has been taken based on in-depth studies that fully demonstrate its long-term economic, social and environmental impact.
If rupee appreciates against the dollar and international oil prices drop, we will be in a position to completely deregulate," Moily said.