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tr.v. de·re·pressed, de·re·press·ing, de·re·press·es
To induce the operation of (a gene) by deactivating the repressor.

de′re·pres′sion (-prĕsh′ən) n.
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vb (tr)
to cause (a gene) to cease to be repressed, by deactivating its depressor
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Han et al., "IRE1[alpha] cleaves select microRNAs during ER stress to derepress translation of proapoptotic caspase-2," Science, vol.
In Sachdeva and Mo's study, knockdown of miRNA-145 was found to derepress the metastasis gene mucin 1 (MUC1), a well-established prognostic biomarker for CRC and many other types of cancer [36].
Interestingly, it is also in the same range as the tc concentration required to fully derepress the artificial mcr[B.sub.P](tetO)/TetR system in vivo (ca.
Essentially, miRNA deregulation in cancer is oncogenic (oncomiR) under two different conditions: (a) when overexpressed, miRNAs may block tumor suppressor gene translation or (b) when underexpressed, miRNAs may derepress protooncogene mRNA translation (Figure 2).
Dramatic progress has been made in recent years in auxin signaling, especially in understanding the ARF family of transcription factors that collaborate with Aux/IAA proteins to repress and derepress auxin-controlled transcription (Parry & Estelle, 2006; Quint & Gray, 2006).
Thus, the APC acts as a brake on axon growth indirectly, by regulating the stability of transcription factors that either work to enhance or derepress axon growth.
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Finally, the most valuable model to study the function of miRNA is genetic deletion, which should exclusively derepress only those mRNAs that are physiologically repressed by the miRNA.
These cleaved intracellular fragments, known as Notch-intracellular domains (N-ICD), translocate to the nucleus, bind to the CSL (CBF1/Su[H]/ Lag-1) transcriptional complex, and derepress its transcription in a manner similar to Wnt transcriptional activation [78].
allows the power of the Dynamic Ground to be derepressed. This is a
When the AmpC is expressed in higher level (derepressed) it will predictably confer resistance to all 3rd generation cephlosporins except cefepime.