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tr.v. de·rid·ed, de·rid·ing, de·rides
To laugh at, speak of, or write about dismissively or contemptuously. See Synonyms at ridicule.

[Latin dērīdēre : dē-, de- + rīdēre, to laugh at.]

de·rid′er n.
de·rid′ing·ly adv.
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Those who criticised the Metro Bus service and deridingly called it 'jangla bus' should now see how these buses swish along fully occupied, which shows the facility is being utilised to its carrying capacity.
He may not have mentioned 'Muslims' but it is very clear in the context of his speech that he was deridingly accusing Muslims, since Islam permits a man to have four wives, though I am yet to come across even a single Muslim who follows this edict that the Prophet made in the medieval ages to take care of war widows.
Like Reagan, Trump is pushing for tax cuts in what Democrats deridingly call 'trickle down' economics.