1. derivation.
2. derivative.
3. derive.
4. derived.
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So saying, from the Tree her step she turnd, But first low Reverence don, as to the power That dwelt within, whose presence had infus'd Into the plant sciential sap, deriv'd From Nectar, drink of Gods.
(5) <perfect passive participle (infl) <future active participle (infl) <supine (infl) <agent (deriv) third stem <abstract (deriv) <intensive (deriv) <desiderative (deriv) <iterative (deriv)
oxy-moron, deriv. of oxys sharp, + moros foolish] Rhet.
Generally thought to be frequentative and intensive deriv. of Hang.
The function deriv in Figure 1 could be the driver for a data-driven symbolic differentiation program (in Lisp syntax [12]) where each differentiation rule is implemented by one function in a table.
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Now comparing the res ults with HPLC reported procedures [20] us ing s ame deriv atizing reagent (pyridoin), the HPLC procedure is bas ed onthe s eparation of eight guanidino compounds with a flow rate of 1 ml/min within 25 min.
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Kevin Abdou, aged 24, of Westgate Road, pounds 145; Sarah Brown, aged 20, of Sandyford Road, pounds 110; Salvatore Deriv, aged 38, of Leazes Court, pounds 120; David Hazel, aged 22, of Vallum Court, pounds 120; Paul A Taylor, aged 25, of Clayton Road, pounds 75.