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The branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the skin.

der′ma·to·log′i·cal (-tə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl), der′ma·to·log′ic adj.
der′ma·tol′o·gist n.
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Adj.1.dermatological - of or relating to or practicing dermatology

dermatological, dermatologic

adj dermatológico
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Skin conditions get a bad rap in Hollywood, with the industry's most famous evil characters often portrayed with dermatological diseases, according to an April study published in JAMA Dermatology.
Melgain lotion used for treatment of skin depigmentation is acquired by Cadila Healthcare from Issar Pharma to make stronger its dermatological portfolio.
Abstract Objective To determine the diagnostic accuracy of antinuclear antibodies (ANA) and anti-double stranded DNA (dsDNA) antibodies in systemic lupus erythematosus patients presenting with dermatological features.
The present study refers to the dermatological health of women working on dairy farms as well as to the development of a clinical intervention process for dermatological health directed towards these women.
Above all, dermatological infestations and infections as well as contact allergies and neoplastic conditions are observed across the globe in all species of animals.
20 May 2013 - British biotech Epistem (LON:EHP) said today it had partnered with Norwegian dermatological specialist ScandiDerma to develop a new in vitro human living skin equivalent model for testing inflammatory responses.
of New Mexico) illustrate classic manifestations of child physical abuse by dermatological and radiological examination as a standard against which the mimickers of abuse can be compared, focusing on trauma to the musculoskeletal system, soft tissues, and skin.
Between September 2010 and September 2011, we have been studying the changes of the PASI (Psoriasis Area and Severity Index) score in the case of our ward's patients suffering from psoriasis who underwent our complex dermatological treatment.
AmDerma Pharmaceuticals, the parent company of Quinnova Pharmaceuticals Inc, and Oculus Innovative Sciences Inc, a commercial healthcare company that designs, produces and markets tissue care products based upon the Microcyn Technology platform, have signed a multi-country agreement to develop and market Microcyn technology drug compounds for dermatological conditions, it has been reported today.
6) For this study, the following were designated the 'classic dermatological measles syndrome': Koplik's spots, other typical oral manifestations (stomatitis), conjunctivitis, and a morbilliform rash with cephalocaudal spread.
Dean Parks of Ocala, FL has patented a dermatological composition for topically treating dermatological conditions comprising transient acantholytic dermatitis, acne miliaris necrotica, acne varioliformis, perioral dermatitis, acneiform eruptions, acne vulgaris or seborrheic dermatitis.