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n. dermatolisis, exfoliación de la epidermis causada por una enfermedad.
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--plexiform neurofibromas are deep subcutaneous tumours, with soft consistency and variable size, within can be palpate some tough cords (plexiform neuromas); sometimes very large sizes are met in dermatolysis Alibert (on trunk), and neuromatos elephantiasis Virchow with inferior limbs disposal (7);
DISCUSSION: (1, 2, 3) Cutis laxa (Latin for loose or lax skin) also known as Generalized Elastolysis / Dermatomegaly / Dermatolysis / Dermatochalasia / Generalized elastorrhexis / Pachydermatocele is an Orphan disease (a very rare disease) related to a heterogeneous connective tissue disorder in which the skin becomes inelastic and hangs loosely in folds.
CL, also known as 'dermatolysis', 'generalized elastolysis', and 'pachydermatocele'3, is a group of rare connective tissue disorders mainly involving the skin but can also affect heart, lungs, arteries, joints and other organs as well when severe.