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Variant of dermal.


(ˈdɜr məl)

of or pertaining to the skin.
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Adj.1.dermic - of or relating to or located in the dermis
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Within the BAaAaAeA@autiqa universe, you will find several brands like Fillerin the only anti-aging skin care that contains six hyaluronic acids (which is naturally found in our body, giving it structure and plumpness) and other key ingredients with low-molecular weights; BoYan i, probiotic-based (naturally sourced, of plant origin, and has a high concentration of Lactobacillus sakei ProBio65) products for sensitive skin; Total Dermic, a line of face treatments that contains eight hyaluronic acids and low-molecular weights (a world first
Intense dermic vascular network formation around the epidermal papillae was also observed, in addition to papillary central vessels (Fig.
The radio frequency machine produces heat at the dermic level which stimulates the body's production of collagen.
SALEM - An Oregon man arriving in court to face heroin possession charges ended up making things worse for himself by showing up with hypo dermic needles and what authorities believe was a ball of heroin in his pocket.