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Noun1.dermoid cyst - a cystic tumor (usually benign) with a wall lined with epithelium and a cavity containing other material
cyst - a closed sac that develops abnormally in some body structure
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Dermoid cysts are benign ovarian teratomas and are one of the most common types of ovarian masses, representing 20-40% of all ovarian neoplasms.
Among all the benign GCTs (n=49) dermoid cysts were the commonest (32/49) followed by mature teratomas (17/49).
Malignant changes have been recorded in dermoid cysts by New and Erich17 but not in the floor of the mouth, although a 5% rate of malignant transformation of oral dermoid cysts of the teratoid type has been reported by other authors.
showed that ultrasound examiners assigned a correct specific diagnosis to at least 80% of endometriomas and 84% of dermoid cysts [21].
13 The causes of both epidermoid and dermoid cysts include failure of surface ectoderm to separate from underlying structures, sequestration and implantation of surface ectoderm.
Dermoid cysts are formed due to defective epidermal closure along embryonic fissures, which isolates an island of ectoderm in dermis or subcutis.
sup][2],[3],[4] Although magnetic resonance imaging can be useful in excluding epidermoid cysts and dermoid cysts,[sup][2] further diagnostic imaging has not been indicated before treatment of an isolated facial cutaneous cystic lesion.
Dermoid cysts are largely considered benign, developmental choristomas (1) (i.
Dermoid cysts are rare lesions of the head and neck that usually present in children as an asymptomatic, slowly growing mass.
18) While dermoid cysts can look concerning on sonography because of their heterogeneous appearance, the vast majority can be safely and effectively resected without oophorectomy in order to preserve fertility, as in most cases they are benign.
Their scheme divides the cysts into 1) lymphatic origin (simple lymphatic cysts and lymphangioma) 2) cysts of mesothelial origin (benign or malignant) 3) enteric cysts 4) urogenital origin 5) dermoid cysts 6) pseudocysts (trauma or infection).
Dermoid cysts are formed during active reproductive years, very rarely present before puberty, and are not infrequently seen in post-menopausal women.