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The use of skin grafts in plastic surgery to correct defects or replace skin destroyed by injury or disease.


(Surgery) any surgical operation on the skin, esp skin grafting
ˌdermatoˈplastic adj

skin′ graft`ing

the surgical process of transplanting skin to a wound or burn in order to form new skin.


any form of plastic surgery of the skin, as skin grafts.
See also: Skin, Surgery


n. dermatoplastia, cirugía plástica de trasplante de piel para cubrir defectos de la misma.
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Dermoplasty, the practice of creating molds to reconstruct faces and other body parts, enables us to have a specific representation of Arish's former appearance.
A tool often used in medical forensics, dermoplasty consists of two stages.
A great number of topical, systemic, and surgical treatments are available for epistaxis, with variable effectiveness, among them: cauterization, nasal packing, sclerotherapy, embolization, arterial ligation, nasal humidification, laser ablation, septal dermoplasty, and nasal closure; but without consensus on the method of choice.