dernier cri

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der·nier cri

 (dĕr′nyā krē′)
The latest thing; the newest fashion.

[French : dernier, last, latest + cri, cry.]
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dernier cri

(dɛrnje kri)
(Clothing & Fashion) the latest fashion; the last word
[literally: last cry]
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der•nier cri

(ˌdɛrn yeɪ ˈkri)
the latest fashion; last word.
[1895–1900; < French: literally, last cry]
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dernier cri

A French phrase meaning latest cry, used to mean the latest fashion.
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In addition, the house has been kept up to the DERNIER CRI. Immediate possession can be arranged.
Performances en hausse, superbe ecran Retina, design compact et elegant, fonctionnement silencieux, memoire et stockage rapides, connectivite dernier cri et systeme d'exploitation MacOSMojave: l'iMac confirme son statut special dans son segment.
The French consul in Manila, a silent witness to the unexpected uprising, dispatched a telegram (the dernier cri in communication) to his minister in Paris: "At the height of the conflict, they [the Tayabas regiment] were heard to cry out to their countrymen to rise in arms and fight for independence.
El Bouk, le dernier cri des feux d'artifice, atteint 10.000 DA chez certains revendeurs.
The more than three decade old establishment from Paris opened its doors to the public here in Dubai only this summer featuring not just famous French designer Phillippe Starck's dernier cri and colourful chandeliers from Milan but also all of the French ipseity it is known for.
nearly 14.000-square-foot manse.) The best example of the street's dernier cri desirability might well be Brody House, a stunning.
Bien sur les parfums de renom coutent tres cher et surtout ceux classifies dernier cri. Tout le monde n'a pas la capacite de posseder ce genre de luxe.
Jury member Will Self added: "I don't think any of the judges feel this is the dernier cri in terms of what will be done with the low-energy light bulb, but if you'll forgive the pun - they are definitely a light leading the way.
By the 18th century, the French had mastered "l'art de vivre," and in many circles their taste in such matters remains the dernier cri. On a deeper level, DeJean observes, their advances reinforced the idea of social progress and pose a chicken-or-egg question: "Is it possible that sofas and writing desks actually helped pass on a message of philosophical enlightenment?" But she also wonders if the eras emphasis on private over public life presaged our own modern obsession with the self and its comforts and accouterments.