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 (dĭ-rŏg′ə-tĭv, dĕr′ə-gā′-)
1. Tending to derogate; detractive.
2. Disparaging; derogatory.

de·rog′a·tive·ly adv.
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Adj.1.derogative - expressive of low opinion; "derogatory comments"; "disparaging remarks about the new house"
uncomplimentary - tending to (or intended to) detract or disparage


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Some of the graffiti used derogative terms indicating the arsonists thought Krosh was from Pakistan.
We talk about cyclists all the time in a derogative manner, but there are more mindless, selfish motorists who park on pavements anywhere and everywhere.
I did not use any derogative words against his party; I did not even use any harsh words or satire.
Burden-based approach takes into consideration just their derogative nature.
The word "Pharaoh" in Islamic sense is considered a terrible derogative and intolerably offense.
Take topos or cliche as example, Chinese people used to call US-Americans as ("Yankees" in the derogative sense) and Japanese as ("Japs" or "Japanese devils") for some historical reasons, which obviously are the result of the Chinese collective imagination.
However, Dr Mirza had used very derogative and offensive language against Zardari, which was tantamount to stabbing in the back of one, who raised Dr Mirza from ground to apex of political and financial status, added the Minister.
To accept the person with disability as a human being in the perspective of human rights, terms such as; crippled, handicap, disabled or mentally retarded, blind, deaf and dumb must be avoided as these terms are clearly derogative, he said adding positive terms such as; persons with disabilities, visually impaired, hearing impaired, vocally impaired and intellectually impaired must be used for promotion of positive attitude towards persons with disabilities.
Sergey Derogative, who helps oversee $10 billion at Union Investment in Frankfurt, predicts a 10year sukuk would probably yield about 7.
The study was promoted by a derogative comment in Noordin et al (http://jbjs.
All was well until a game almost ten years ago on April 21, 2004 when an off-air derogative comment about Chelsea star Marcel Desaiily was used to infer that he was a racist.
The media promotes and elevates their dominance by giving major headlines to any derogative reports on the teaching profession.