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1. Disparaging; belittling: a derogatory comment.
2. Tending to detract or diminish.

de·rog′a·to′ri·ly adv.
de·rog′a·to′ri·ness n.
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In trucking, contract rates are sometimes derogatorily referred to as 'paper contracts,' as in 'only good on paper, not in reality.'
The Ahmadis, who are derogatorily called Qadianis here, adhere to the same beliefs as the Sunni branch of Islam, but also believe that their founder Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was the Imam Mahdi, Islam's prophesied redeemer.
This is something that needs to be overcome; likely a huge internal conflict." This led to a backlash on Thursday (March 7) among the Filipino community in Taiwan because the term 'Maria' is used derogatorily in Taiwan to describe migrants from the Philippines, many of whom are female domestic workers.
With his recent departure from his position as United States secretary of defense, General James Mattis is a clear example of the situation in Washington, D.C., derogatorily known as the 'self-licking ice cream cone'.
His novel fictionalizes the epic event of the Indian Mutiny (1857), as he derogatorily dubs it in accordance with the nationalist position.
A few decades ago, Republicans in both the House and the Senate would have derogatorily proclaimed such an action to be "cut and run."
From a man derogatorily called Mr 10 per cent (implying the percentage of cut as a bribe in every project) to being referred to a PhD in Politics (a title meant to throw people off the scent of his woefully-limited education for the man was not even a simple graduate), it was his shortest journey.
The petitioner who was earlier sentenced to one month imprisonment and fine for speaking derogatorily against the judiciary contended before the court that he had completed the sentence therefore his name may be lifted from the ECL earlier placed on the order of the court.
Incidentally, some of these residences, with their geometric volumes and rooftops with their tilted places, will uncannily bring to mind the French painter Georges Braque's 'Houses at L'Estaque.' Their cube-like shapes provoked a critic to compare his work to little 'cubes.' Meant derogatorily, the term became the origin of the now famous style called Cubism.
It is in recognition of this that Professor Wole Soyinka in one of his satire books, 'Ibadan the penkelemes years' derogatorily referred to Nigeria as a land of law and disorder since many Nigerians see laws as rule that are meant to be broken with impunity.
Egged on by Morad, Spencer proceeds to repeatedly shout a racial slur against black people, derogatorily imitates Asian tourists while slipping a selfie-stick between the legs of someone in traditional female Muslim garb, and then caps it off by charging at Morad with bared buttocks to incite fear in his homophobic assailant.
Senator McCain disallowing a woman to derogatorily call Sen.