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 (dē-ro͞of′, -ro͝of′)
tr.v. de·roofed, de·roof·ing, de·roofs
1. To remove the roof from (a building, for example).
2. To remove tissue from (a wound, cyst, or other lesion) in order to promote healing.
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Blisters, if present, should not be deroofed. If very tense, some experts advise aspirating haemorrhagic blisters under strict aseptic conditions.
A deep scleral flap is then sculpted (Figure 2), and Schlemm's canal is opened and deroofed by the removal of the inner wall, which is performed after paracentesis in order to lower the IOP, thus reducing the risk of perforation of the trabeculodescemet membrane.
SCE is implanted as follows: SC is deroofed by preparing a superficial and a deep scleral flap, creating a Descemet window like in viscocanalostomy and canaloplasty.