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Daring or reckless action.

[Misinterpretation of earlier derrynge do, daring to do, misprint of Late Middle English dorryng do, from Middle English durring don : durring, present participle of durren, to dare (from Old English durran; see dare) + don, to do; see do1.]


archaic or literary a daring spirit or deed; boldness or bold action
[C16: from Middle English durring don daring to do, from durren to dare + don to do]


(ˈdɛr ɪŋˈdu)

daring deeds; heroic daring.
[1325–75; Middle English durring-do literally, daring to do, taken as n. phrase. See dare, do1]
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Noun1.derring-do - brave and heroic featsderring-do - brave and heroic feats    
exploit, feat, effort - a notable achievement; "he performed a great feat"; "the book was her finest effort"


[ˈderɪŋˈduː] N (liter) tales of derring-dorelatos mpl épicos
deeds of derring-dogestas fpl, hazañas fpl


n (old)Verwegenheit f, → Tollkühnheit f; deeds of derring-doverwegene or tollkühne Taten
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This gentleman trainer also handled their dam,Windmill Girl, and his many other notable horses included Derring-Do, Daylight Robbery, Huntercombe, Random Shot, Prominent, Petty Officer and Dominion.
But no feat of derring-do could match the conscientious objector status American papers claimed in the intoonfada, the global uprising over a series of drawings of the prophet Muhammad that originally appeared in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.
Last year's Sahara--Clive Cussler's silly tale of derring-do across the desert sands--reminded me that Hollywood still makes matinee safaris for 12-year-old boys of every age.