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(Plants) any East Indian leguminous woody climbing plant of the genus Derris, esp D. elliptica, whose roots yield the compound rotenone
[C19: New Latin, from Greek: covering, leather, from deros skin, hide, from derein to skin]
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(ˈdɛr ɪs)

any of various Old World plants of the genus Derris, legume family, the roots of which contain rotenone.
[1855–60; New Latin < Greek: a covering, derivative of déros skin, hide; see derma1]
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Noun1.derris - any of various usually woody vines of the genus Derris of tropical Asia whose roots yield the insecticide rotenone; several are sources of native fish and arrow poisons
genus Derris - genus of Old World tropical shrubs and woody vines
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
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Rotenone, as an isoflavonoid of plant secondary metabolity, is the most important and effective insecticidal constituent of derris root, which was first isolated in 1895 [1], and it is a specific inhibitor of mitochondrial complex I by blocking electron transfer in nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide diaphorase-quinone (NADH-Q) reductase [2, 3].
A complicating factor, according to Shane Derris, chief of staff for Quijano, is marijuana convictions stem back to the 1970s when the Drug Enforcement Agency first criminalized weed.
indica), karanj (Derris indica), marva (O.basilicum), pilu (Salvadora oleoides), dhatura (Datura metel), amaltas (C.
Lawson) Planchon ex Franchet Vitis hevneana Roomer & Schultcs 8 Fabaceae Bauhinia touranensis Gagnepain 2 Callerya nitida var nitida 5 Campylotropis trigonoclada 11 (Franchet) Schindler Dalbergia assamica Bentham 2 Derris cavaleriei Gagnepain Desmodium multiflorum Candolle 3 * Dumasia villosa Candolle 4 Hylodesmum podocarpum subsp.
They also had chain saws and they were accustomed to electro fishing but also used nets and tuba poison (Derris elliptica).
Rotenone extract has a great impact as an insecticidal product and can be isolated naturally from the roots of Derris sp.
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Although you can no longer buy Derris after it was linked to Parkinson's disease, there are plenty of organic pesticides based on plant oils and pyrethrums.