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schematic diagram of a
flash-distillation process to
desalinate seawater


tr.v. de·sal·i·nat·ed, de·sal·i·nat·ing, de·sal·i·nates
To remove salts and other chemicals from (seawater or soil, for example).

de·sal′i·na′tion n.
de·sal′i·na′tor n.
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an apparatus used in the process of desalination
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But, with a broken energy supply, no desalinator and a bad back injury, the trip was anything but easy.
But, with a broken energy supply, no desalinator and a bad back injury, the record-breaking trip was anything but easy.
To add to the challenge, the team also had to deal with a broken desalinator and power cell within days of setting off, pushing the group to row faster to reach their goal before losing GPS navigation.
Jillian Brown, InTech Collegiate High School, "Portable Desalinator, Filter, and Rainwater Collection Device"
This time, his water desalinator machine failed and he was rescued.
"I will be carrying all my food on board, along with a desalinator to remove salt from sea water so it's drinkable.
* The desalinator on a VOR65 produces 50 litres of water every day, but no fresh water is used to shower.
Smack in the middle of the trip, the men had to resort to their limited fresh water supply after their desalinator -- which made potable water from the ocean -- broke down for about a week.
When she sets out from Choshi, east of Tokyo, she will be taking with her everything she needs for the next six or seven months - food, power generating equipment, a satellite phone, navigation computers and a desalinator to make drinking water from the sea.
After 27 days at sea on the 3,000-mile journey, both the desalinator, which converts seawater, and its back-up have broken down.