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Noun1.desalinisation - the removal of salt (especially from sea water)
chemical action, chemical change, chemical process - (chemistry) any process determined by the atomic and molecular composition and structure of the substances involved
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The issue is of particular importance in Qatar, where the desalinisation process that creates all of the country's fresh water accounts for up to 40 percent of Qatar's total gas usage.
Occupied Jerusalem: Visiting Israeli prime minister will present his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi a special gift - the Gal-Mobile water desalinisation and purification vehicle the two leaders rode on Israel's Olga beach last year.
The purpose of the forest, which covers an area of 1,200 acres, was desalinisation of the subsoil water, which was harmful for crops.
These include 11 private schools and 50 public schools in education; five private hospitals plus public health facilities; electricity and desalinisation projects; waste management; manufacturing and warehousing; agriculture and fisheries; entertainment theme parks and resorts; and housing in Lusail City.
I will use the moneyto continue my online studies of lake management as well as formy membership dues of non-profit organisations related to my field, such as IDA (International Desalinisation Association)," heexplained.
Aucune raison officielle n'avait ete annoncee pour Mohamed Dahech, cependant, la radio Mosaique FM avait indique que limogeage serait du au non respect des delais de realisation de la station de desalinisation des eaux de mer a Medenine, ce qui a provoque de multiples perturbations et penuries d'eau potable dans la region.
They will also contribute to the provision of government costs associated with in-frastructure projects, such as water desalinisation and electronic data.
Citing Ynetnews' report, Israel recently showed interest in several large-scale projects with Egypt, including desalinisation of seawater due to the potential drinking and irrigation water shortage that Egypt may face as a result of a low water levels in the Nile river.
The petrochemical industry, metallurgy and water desalinisation projects add to the pollution, and these are the challenges of Bahrain.
SM le Roi inaugure la barge de desalinisation d'eau de mer [beaucoup moins que]Oued Massa[beaucoup plus grand que] Sa Majeste le Roi Mohammed VI a procede, lundi au Port de Dakhla, a l'inauguration de la barge de desalinisation d'eau de mer [beaucoup moins que]Oued Massa[beaucoup plus grand que].
Sharqiyah Desalinisation Co (SDC) officials have said that work on the expansion of the Sur desalinisation plant is 70 per cent complete and is on track to open in September 2016.