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tr.v. de·sal·i·nized, de·sal·i·niz·ing, de·sal·i·niz·es
To desalinate.

de·sal′i·ni·za′tion (-nĭ-zā′shən) n.
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a diagram of a distillation process showing how seawater is desalinized


The removal of salt from something, such as seawater or soil.

desalinize verb
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Noun1.desalinization - the removal of salt (especially from sea water)
chemical action, chemical change, chemical process - (chemistry) any process determined by the atomic and molecular composition and structure of the substances involved
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"The federal government is working on the development projects through Karachi Infrastructure Development Company Limited (KIDCL) focusing on mass transit, Green Line Bus, desalinization plants, strengthening of Lyari Express, widening of Northern bypass, K-IV and other projects, " he added.
He disclosed that land desalinization was progressing day by day and 930 million hectare land of the world has already been affected by it.
It is imperative for Pakistan to invest in supply augmentation (dams and reservoirs) and ensure better utilization of its groundwater, adopting appropriate (water recycling, desalinization, and water harvesting) and manage consumption and use of water (controlling water demand and pricing) and do all of this under the principles of mutual trust and benefit sharing,
DAVAO CITY - Davao Oriental plans to tap seawater as a sustainable source of drinking water with a desalinization technology that would be sourced from Taiwan as decades-long efforts to obtain sufficient supply of potable water proved futile.
27 April 2018 - US-based renewable energy and water desalinization plant developer Ocean Thermal Energy Corp.
The Ministry of Water Resources maintained availability of water could be improved by decreasing losses, increasing storage by building small, medium and large dams, recycling of used water, desalinization of sea water and promotion more efficient use of water.
The resort also has its own water-treatment and desalinization facility, ensuring only the cleanest water is used.
The issue is of particular importance in Qatar, where the desalinization process that creates all of the country's fresh water accounts for up to 40 percent of Qatar's total gas usage.
Among their topics are the ion-exchange kinetics of alkaline metals on the surface of carboxymethyl cellulose Sn(IV) phosphate composite cation exchanger, the adsorption of proteins onto non-soluble polysaccharide matrices: a friendly strategy to isolate enzymes with potential application for downstream processes, different desalinization processes for turning sea water into fresh drinking water, removing phosphates and sulphates in a multi-ion system with nitrates, and adsorption and ion exchange: basic principles and their application in food processing.
Many water innovations come from startups or require long lead-times (e.g., the building of a desalinization plant), so banks may not be equipped to address these needs.
Water is life, thus imperative to opt for desalinization and RO process to make fresh water to feed our industry and ports also public at large.