descending aorta

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de·scend·ing aorta

The part of the aorta that extends from the aortic arch into the thorax and abdomen.
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Noun1.descending aorta - the descending part of the aorta that branches into the thoracic and abdominal aortaedescending aorta - the descending part of the aorta that branches into the thoracic and abdominal aortae
aorta - the large trunk artery that carries blood from the left ventricle of the heart to branch arteries
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Interrupted aortic arch (IAA) is a congenital malformation characterized by complete luminal dissociation between the ascending and descending aorta, accounting for less than 1% of all cases of congenital heart disease2 with incidence rate of 3 per million live births per annum.
Collateral flow can be assessed by quantifying flow just proximal to the coarctation and in the descending aorta at the level of the hiatus.
There is also an extremely rare left aortic arch with a right descending aorta and a right ductus arteriosus where a Kommerell's diverticulum has been described.
Finally, an incision is created parallel to the undersurface of the TAA, with the open end of the descending aorta beveled to match the incision on the AA before it is sewn to the underside of the TAA.
Last year docs replaced two-thirds of my descending aorta - the final part will be replaced in a few years' time.
Ao Dese descending aorta, Ao--aorta, ARSCA--aberrant right subclavian artery, LSCA--left subclavian artery, and RVA--right vertebral artery
Re-stenting of the descending aorta was completed successfully and she was continued on antihypertensive and anticoagulation therapy according to the physician's advice.
Bolus tracking technique was used to automatically start the scan with a region of interest (ROI) positioned in descending aorta at the level of diaphragm, trigger threshold 140 HU and scan delay 15 s.
A detailed TTE was performed in all these selected infants with good acoustic window for the assessment of defect size, type, location, length, aortic arch with descending aorta, anatomy of aortic as well as pulmonary end of PDA, estimation of pulmonary artery pressure and any other associated congenital cardiac defects.
On the other hand, in the DeBakey classification, type 1 dissections begin in the ascending aorta and extend to the descending one, while type 2 dissections involve the ascending aorta only and type 3 dissections begin in the descending aorta distal to the left subclavian artery (5).
Infundibular pulmonic stenosis, poststenotic dilation of the pulmonic trunk, and proximal main pulmonary arteries were identified, as well as a mild narrowing of the descending aorta compatible with aortic stenosis.
On the basis of the brachiocephalic trunks originating from the ascending aorta and these trunks having a diameter almost equal to that of the aorta in the flamingo, it is considered that two-thirds of the blood pumped by the heart is supplied to the pectoral muscles, head and wings by the ascending aorta, while one-third of the blood pumped by the heart is supplied to the body by the descending aorta.