descriptive geometry

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descriptive geometry

(Mathematics) the study of the projection of three-dimensional figures onto a plane surface
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descrip′tive geom′etry

the theory of making projections of any accurately defined figure such that its projective as well as its metrical properties can be deduced from them.
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Noun1.descriptive geometry - the geometry of properties that remain invariant under projection
math, mathematics, maths - a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement
geometry - the pure mathematics of points and lines and curves and surfaces
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I always say to those who are willing or are currently studying architecture that to succeed in learning and working, they must focus on the subjects of descriptive geometry and rapid sketching.
The authors combine physics, descriptive geometry, detailed video analysis, and remote sensing data to examine Galarraga's home run.
DESCRIPTIVE GEOMETRY is a brilliant mathematical invention, and when it is put to practical use, its efficacy is formidable.
The authors have organized the main body of their text in thirteen chapters devoted to basic engineering drawing definitions and practices, perspective and sectional views, geometric constructions, descriptive geometry, parallelism and perpendicularity, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
A list of lecture topics in the 14th century given in Chapter 1 includes rules for calculating the date of Easter and other calendar problems, descriptive geometry of the sphere for navigation and astronomy, the rudiments of arithmetic, and six books of Euclid's geometry.
This situation, together with the emergence of CAD, has led many universities to consider either total or partial elimination of descriptive geometry from their engineering course curricula.
In this article, we present an experiment carried out in an 11th grade class in the curricular subject of DG (descriptive geometry).
Bender and Marrinan draw on evidence from the histories of descriptive geometry, astronomy, statistics, probability theory and chronophotography to illustrate the ways that the uniform, homogeneous spatial grid of Cartesian perspectivalism was called into question.
In the traditional way of Descriptive Geometry teaching, for example, the most difficult task for the teacher is to explain the spatial relationship among planes and objects.
An excellent article by Janis Langins of the University of Toronto on French fortification theory after Vauban ties science closely to warfare in terms of strength of materials, topography, soil mechanics, and descriptive geometry. Langins shows where scientific investigation and military application supported one another and where they did not--deciding that historians may have actually overemphasized the connection.

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