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Adj.1.desensitising - making less susceptible or sensitive to either physical or emotional stimuli
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Speaking about it, Kim said, aACoeThese results further support the effectiveness of eOIT as a safe way of desensitising children and youth with egg allergy," adding, "Past research also suggests that eating egg may actually shorten the amount of time a patient has the allergy, so any amount of egg that is incorporated into an allergy patient's diet is helpful." (ANI)
Pakistani superstar Mahira Khan emerged as a voice of wisdom and sense as she spoke against those "desensitising the issue" of Meesha Shafi's allegations of sexual harassment against Ali Zafar.
The Europe-wide study is assessing the safety and efficacy of the company's oral biologic AR101 in desensitising patients aged 4 to 17 to peanut protein.
That's the stark warning of criminologist David Wilson who says exposure to brutal video games like Call Of Duty is desensitising people.
Effectiveness of laser therapy and topical desensitising agents in treating dentine hypersensitivity: a systematic review.
Frequent exposure to graphic images is desensitising men in their late teens and early 20s, leaving them unable to get aroused in bed.
Start with desensitising CDs now (Crash, Bang Wallop) and play to distract pets while the sounds get louder to help him associate fun with the noises before the night.