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tetraphylla is regarded as a rich source of different types of important alkaloid constituents such as reserpine, deserpidine, reserpiline, raujemidine, isoreserpiline, ajmaline, ajmalicine, yohimbines, serpentine, tetraphylline, sarpagine and vellosimine (Haack et al., 1954; Mukherjee, 1961;).
tetraphylla root extract possess several alkaloids like reserpine, recinnamine, ajmalicine, serpentine, yohimbine deserpidine, raujemidine, reserpinine, Isoreserpinine, tetraphylline, tetraphyllicine etc (Iqbal et al., 2013).
The most pharmacologically active indole alkaloids are ajmaline, deserpidine, rescinnamine, reserpine, serpentine, and yohimbine.