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Merited or earned: a richly deserved punishment.

de·serv′ed·ly (-zûr′vĭd-lē) adv.
de·serv′ed·ness n.



justly or rightly earned; merited.
de•serv′ed•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.deserved - properly deserved; "a merited success"


adjective well-earned, just, right, meet (archaic), fitting, due, fair, earned, appropriate, justified, suitable, merited, proper, warranted, rightful, justifiable, condign his reputation for political skill is well deserved


Consistent with prevailing or accepted standards or circumstances:


References in classic literature ?
When she looked at the letter again -- when she read the words once more which told her that the recovery of the lost fortune was her sister's triumph, not hers, she had victoriously trampled down all little jealousies and all mean regrets; she could say in he r hearts of hearts, "Norah has deserved it
I have deserved it richly, and even a more severe penalty.
Scouser Smith, who is unbeaten, said: "People actually congratulated me when I took the fight and told me I deserved credit.
TOTTENHAM midfielder Scott Parker felt his side deserved their last-gasp equaliser in a 1-1 draw with Manchestes r United at a snowy White Hart Lane.
Hailing the 2011-12 season as 'crazy', as his side pipped Manchester United to the Premier League title with a dramatic 3-2 victory over Queens Park Rangers, Mancini said, "It was incredible they deserved this.
Champion jump jockey Tony McCoy "It is great news for racing and thoroughly deserved.
The Directorate General of Education in the Southern Al Batinah Region came first and deserved His Majesty the Sultan s Cup with cash award.
In that poll, 46% of Americans (the survey did not identify registered voters) said Clinton deserved to be re-elected and 48% said he did not.
But to say that these triumphs belong exclusively to the Boomer generation is to give my contemporaries more credit than is deserved.