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Merited or earned: a richly deserved punishment.

de·serv′ed·ly (-zûr′vĭd-lē) adv.
de·serv′ed·ness n.
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Sophisticated marketing, consumer solipsism, and a sense of meritocratic entitlement combine to instill the consumption preferences and habits of the metropolitan elite with what Currid-Halkett characterizes as "a sense of morality and deservedness.
This contrast is underscored by a vocabulary of deservedness.
ANDREW VON HIRSCH, PAST OR FUTURE CRIMES: DESERVEDNESS AND DANGEROUSNESS IN THE SENTENCING OF CRIMINALS 76 (1985) ("Rating crimes is ultimately a matter of making value judgments, on which persons reasonably may differ.
But you don't have to be a billionaire to believe in what Collins calls the "myth of deservedness.
It is not a question of being anti-immigration: Categories of deservedness in immigration policy making.
Together, she argues honest poverty, the work imperative, and family liability demonstrated men's respectability and welfare deservedness.
This volume describes the findings of an ethnography conducted between 2007 and 2012 on the daily life circumstances, experiences, and perceptions of 40 low-income African American women using federally funded HIV/AIDS care services in Midway, North Carolina, illustrating how their lives and health care outcomes were impacted by poverty and inequality and how their experiences of health and health care were shaped by global neoliberalism and related discourses and practices of deservedness and moral belonging.
NNA - Democratic Gathering bloc member, MP Fouad Saad said the Lebanese people has proved, through the municipal elections, deservedness of democracy and ability to seek change.
Ultimately, prejudicial behaviours ascribing deservedness among client populations developed into occupational norms.
Conversely, if sufferers carry individual or collective labels that dress their plight in the clothes of deservedness and necessity, empathy toward them is unlikely to emerge: here exhibiting empathy may in fact be prohibited by the moral strictures of the day.
Are they serving justice or merely finding an outlet to express their violent tendencies The nature of the crime, the deservedness of the punishment, the age of the wrongdoer - nothing seems to matter to them except mistreating and inflicting abuse on anyone they can get their hands on.