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Noun1.deservingness - the quality of being deserving (e.g., deserving assistance); "there were many children whose deservingness he recognized and rewarded"
worthiness - the quality or state of having merit or value
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It then shows how requiring collective contributions to public goods inscribes an ideology of subsidiarity in which responsibility for development should rightly be shared by the sovereign state and its subjects and dispersed only to those who demonstrate their deservingness. The logic of competing to earn 'rights' or 'opportunities' for development justifies the exclusion of people unwilling or unable to contribute to local improvement from poverty alleviation aid, especially ethnic and religious minorities.
(2014), 'Why citizens prefer high- over low- skilled immigrants: labor market competition, welfare state and deservingness', European Sociological Review, 0, pp.
(134) As this Part will explain, a redistributive rationale becomes more appealing when we consider whether a particular class of individuals might be uniquely deserving of supercompensatory damages and when that deservingness is derived in part from the disproportionate perpetuation of constitutional torts of this sort on that class of individuals.
They reveal how digital media allow some refugees to discursively contest the border regime and enact themselves as publicly visible political subjects, without necessarily "being drawn into a discourse of deservingness" typical of refugee "selfie-activism" (Nikunen, 2019, p.
Analyses of the German response also highlighted the importance of terminological clarity or the lack of it in framing the moral deservingness of refugees (Holmes and Castaneda 2016).
Since there's no way to administer an immediate field test of deservingness, a donor must trust.
General BJW negatively influences helping behavior, as it is associated with victim deservingness and rationalization of wrongdoing (Correia et al., 2012; Poon & Chen, 2014).
In this regard, Santis argues that perceptions of belongingness and deservingness are instrumental in the maintenance of an archeology designed to exclude people and communities of color.
Our test viewing showed the film's first ten seconds instill wonder and awe, the next five seconds certify affordability, the next three inculcate deservingness, and the last two seconds, as the boat returns to port just a mere five days later, highlights radiant expressions of pure happiness.
"It is White people who determine the metrics of deservingness to have a seat at the table."
Although a social preference model might also attach value to helping k, we did not include this motive in our simple illustration using the Fehr-Schmidt model because, with its focus on inequalities and inattention to intentions and other sources of deservingness, that model predicts reporting to help this third party (the counterpart's next partner) only under a narrow range of cases.
concern as one about absolute deservingness and the second as being