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v. des·ic·cat·ed, des·ic·cat·ing, des·ic·cates
1. To dry out thoroughly.
2. To preserve (foods) by removing the moisture. See Synonyms at dry.
3. To make dry, dull, or lifeless: "Stalinism desiccated the grassroots of urban government" (Timothy J. Colton).
To become dry; dry out.
adj. (also -kĭt)
Lacking spirit or animation; arid: "There was only the sun-bruised and desiccate feeling in his mind" (J.R. Salamanca).

[Latin dēsiccāre, dēsiccāt- : dē-, de- + siccāre, to dry up (from siccus, dry).]

des′ic·ca′tion n.
des′ic·ca′tive adj.
des′ic·ca′tor n.
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Tenders are invited for air dryer assembly, haldex hd, includes; desiccative cartridge with cover, heating element, and complete head with safety, check, turbo protection valves, note; buses with tandem air dryer setup require quantity of two assemblies.
In 2008-2009 there were desiccative conditions as rainfall was less than optimum level whereas from 20102014 rain fall occurred more than optimum level that prove to be a reason for flood meandering in various parts of Punjab.