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v. des·ic·cat·ed, des·ic·cat·ing, des·ic·cates
1. To dry out thoroughly.
2. To preserve (foods) by removing the moisture. See Synonyms at dry.
3. To make dry, dull, or lifeless: "Stalinism desiccated the grassroots of urban government" (Timothy J. Colton).
To become dry; dry out.
adj. (also -kĭt)
Lacking spirit or animation; arid: "There was only the sun-bruised and desiccate feeling in his mind" (J.R. Salamanca).

[Latin dēsiccāre, dēsiccāt- : dē-, de- + siccāre, to dry up (from siccus, dry).]

des′ic·ca′tion n.
des′ic·ca′tive adj.
des′ic·ca′tor n.
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1. (Cookery) any apparatus for drying milk, fruit, etc
2. (Chemistry) an airtight box or jar containing a desiccant, used to dry chemicals and protect them from the water vapour in the atmosphere
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Then the crucible was cooled to room temperature in a desiccator and weighed again.
The powder was collected and stored in a desiccator before being analyzed.
The Harsh-Environment Moisture Analyzer has added premium features including a built-in cooling system, high efficiency optics, replaceable desiccator and a remote I/O junction box.
The insect containing vials were placed in vacuumed desiccators and calculated volume of phosphine for each dose was injected through sterilized Hamilton syringe in their respective desiccator.
There are three testing methods described in the US standard for the formaldehyde emission: large chamber, small chamber, and desiccator. The US standards do not classify formaldehyde emission limitation levels.
The cycle of aging under conditions of increased 100 % humidity in a desiccator (hygroscopic moistening of the sample-through unsealed ends) was performed for 336 hours.
The factory includes the (milk evaporation unit, gum Arabic desiccator and sterilization unit and spray drying section).
If the readings repeat, the samples are considered to have reached the equilibrium moisture, where the partial pressure of water vapor of the product is equal to the partial pressure of ambient air steam inside the desiccator.
The solid material which precipitated was filtered off, washed with cold water and dried in a desiccator to give the pure products 2a-f.
Before mechanical testing, the samples were kept in a desiccator for one day.