design criteria

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: criteria - criteria that designers should meet in designing some system or device; "the job specifications summarized the design criteria"
criterion, standard - the ideal in terms of which something can be judged; "they live by the standards of their community"
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Some systems allow easy design and material refinements and gives the engineer a "what if..." analysis using different design criteria.
When a TPE part is to be used in a demanding application or is required to perform as a critical component in a larger assembly, additional design criteria are required.
Emphasis is on acquiring a conceptual understanding of the techniques and technologies discussed and the practical design criteria required to apply them in real engineering situations.
Consultants, including 4 Times Square's architects Fox & Fowle and its engineers Flack + Kurtz, the Rocky Mountain Institute and Green October's Asher Derman, worked on the green design guidelines for Carey, and some of them will be available at a proposer's meeting on January 26th to answer questions about the green design criteria. To attend the meeting call Rachel James at (212) 416-5336.
"Thus, rheology provides an accurate means for relating molecular structure to process behavior, establishing design criteria and predicting product performance."
In one of several volumes of proceedings, 86 peer-reviewed papers cover sustainable multi-modal transportation systems; strategies for sustainable development; efficient city and regional transportation planning and land use; low-carbon emissions and energy saving in transportation; transportation infrastructure design criteria; highway infrastructure; subway and rail transit infrastructure planning and design; intelligent transportation systems; bridge and tunnel planning, design, and construction technologies; bridge durability; bridge health monitoring and evaluation; and geotechnical design and construction.
Seismic design criteria for structures, systems, and components in nuclear facilities.
Ultimately, major portions of the retail were designed with column-free areas to conform to operations and design criteria for the tenants.
The specific requirements for pre-warming extruders (high output, low thermal stress of the rubber compound in the machine's processing section) are design criteria not to be ignored.
Thompson had just completed Faneull Hall Marketplace for the Rouse Company and needed someone to analyze, document and develop a design criteria for present and future tenants.

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