designated driver

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des·ig·nat·ed driver

One who agrees to remain sober, as at a party, in order to be able to drive others home safely.

designated driver

a person who volunteers not to drink alcohol on a social occasion, so that he or she can safely drive other people who have been drinking

des′ignated driv′er

a person who abstains from alcoholic beverages at a gathering in order to be fit to drive companions home safely.
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Noun1.designated driver - the member of a party who is designated to refrain from alcohol and so is sober when it is time to drive home
driver - the operator of a motor vehicle
aby mohl ostatní odvést domůjeden ze skupiny přátelkterý na oslavě nepije
kijelölt sofõr
şoförlük yapan/yapacak arkadaş


(ˈdezigneit) verb
1. to call or name. It was designated a conservation area.
2. to point out or identify. He has been designated our next Prime Minister.
(placed immediately after noun) appointed to an office etc but not yet having begun it. the ambassador designate.
ˌdesigˈnation noun
a name or title.
ˌdesignated ˈdriver noun
(American) one of a group of friends who is chosen to drive them and therefore agrees not to drink alcohol at a party. etc.
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OFF Paul Flynn and Aidan O'Shea help to launch the Designated Driver promotion from Coca Cola and, below, Flynn with Sam
The AmRide Designated Driver process uses two drivers, a lead driver to drive you home in your car and a second to bring the lead driver to their next job.
18 November 2016 - Chicago, Illinois-based PaddyWagons has merged with US-based designated driver provider AmRide, the company said.
If you're the designated driver, you can earn some recognition for your status and actions in keeping others safe.
People who serve as--and select--a nondrinking designated driver are saving lives and making our streets safer.
Nearly one in five (17%) motorists who have passed their driving tests admitted that when they were a learner, they had been used as a designated driver to transport people who had been drinking alcohol, according to a survey from Co-operative Insurance.
All this tragedy could have been avoided just by handing the keys to a sober designated driver.
Crafty businesses to transport thirsty folks to watering holes around town have hopped up as well for guests to taste and tour by buses, bikes and designated drivers.
If a participant would like to be eligible to use the DDPP's service a second time, they must sign up to be a designated driver for at least one night.
We encourage consumers to plan ahead and arrange for a Designated Driver through BeMyDD and give the gift of a DD to family and friends to enrich their holiday season.
Likelihood to do this also increases with age with 43% of 18 to 24-year-olds saying they would agree a designated driver.
Coun Dave Ledger, Northumberland County Council member for public protection and chairman of the Safer Northumberland Partnership, said: "One of the best presents you can give this Christmas is to offer to stay sober and be the designated driver.

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